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PDF "TRILOGY" Of Thoughts From A Grumpy Innovator


Musings, aphorisms & polemics about the ugly reality of consumer product innovation, in particular in large corporations.

PART ONE of this trilogy investigates how corporations unknowingly work from a skewed version of reality, which is nicely manageable with KPI's and predictable rules of engagement with the world. A world view in which innovation success can be planned for.

PART TWO of this trilogy investigates the different types of innovation, and in particular how the different levels of impact one desires in a marketplace are mirrored by impact on the business itself. In a nutshell: innovation hurts. But seeing through the pain and reward might just be within reach.

PART THREE of this trilogy investigates how keep innovation running successfully through from initial business need through to a meaningful launch. Bonus sections include an innovation bulls**t glossary and tips for surviving an economic crisis.

The reality of how the world is very different. Why are so many brilliant ideas culled before they’ve had a chance to shine in the real world? Why are so many awful ideas pushed through the system and launched, only to fail miserably, ruining careers and bankrupting businesses? Why are so many blatantly obvious market opportunities ignored and not fulfilled with the right products, helping people lead happier lives and bringing prosperity to the companies that could have introduced them?

This trilogy of books is my attempt at understanding why so many innovations fail, why that is often wholly unnecessary and what may help tilt the balance more favourably.


Costas Papaikonomou is one of the founders of Happen Group, one of the leading creative innovation agencies of the 21st century. A career in innovation – studying, dreaming, creating, researching and realizing new products. It’s been an amazing journey, playing in the birth chambers of mass market multinationals. Nevertheless he’s quite grumpy.

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PDF "TRILOGY" Of Thoughts From A Grumpy Innovator

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